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Nine-Mile Bridge

Inspired by the Missouri urban legend of the same name about a haunted bridge. "Holli has no memory of the accident that killed her new boyfriend. Now she's haunted by strange dreams and people around town seem to treat her different. When rumors of paranormal activity at a decrepit old bridge begin to swirl, Holli sees a connection between those stories and her dreams. But while she questions what is real, a mysterious force has put sinister plans into place. Plans that include her future."

A Novel Idea (Coming Soon!)

Wesley Main's first book was a hit. But though he achieved literary success, he found himself blacklisted amongst his writer friends who believed he stole the story from a dead friend. Now, two years later, Wesley is struggling with his follow up book and another author friend has disappeared. The evidence left behind points to Wesley and to make matters worse, a mysterious figure seemingly knows the truth about the first book. Is the writing on the wall true? Has he killed for a new story? Or can Wesley prove his innocence and still make his deadline?

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