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Once again, Bandit has come to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he’s all out of bubblegum.
Months after the Arrowhead raid, Bandit finally has friends and is no longer alone. As an official member of the Resistance, he’s doing his share to help survivors, but resources are dwindling and their base of operations is in serious disrepair.
When a mysterious group of strangers appear with stories of an underground facility full of supplies, Bandit and friends agree to investigate. But with rumors of rogue Xolur troops and marauding bands of Raiders in the area, things are never that easy. Trust will be tested along with their friendship, and the pursuit of a new home for survivors may cost Bandit everything.
Bandit Underground takes you on a totally radical journey of more 1980s movie, music, and pop culture references in more iconic Kansas City locations. It’s gnarly, non-stop action to the max!

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Hawthorn Creek: A Collection of Secrets

An Anthology from the Writers of Warrensburg

Hawthorn Creek. Charming town. Friendly people. But everyone has a secret.Hawthorn Creek, Missouri is like many other small towns in the Midwest. The citizens are mostly friendly. Everyone knows each other. Gossip is exchanged at the usual gathering places. A local festival is a highlight of the year. However, upon closer examination, this little town has more than its share of secrets.A police chief strives to regain his honor. An elderly man overcomes his hatred of a neighborhood cat. A visiting TV production crew provokes vicious quarrels. An aging couple comes to grips with their fading mental prowess. The only stoplight in town malfunctions, triggering unexpected chaos.A delightful collection of short stories, each as unique as its author. Some are touching and sweet. Some are filled with otherworldly surprises. Some involve treachery and danger. But all of them take place in Hawthorn Creek, a small town just like any other. Or is it?

The Bandit Chronicles Book 1: Bandit Rising

October 22nd, 2021

In the Fall of 1989, the Xolur Armada invaded earth bringing humankind to the brink of extinction. Gene Mason was a scared twelve-year-old at the time and he hid in a secret bunker to save himself. Five years later, a new kind of hero emerged from that bunker. One who spent years learning from his VHS heroes like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Norris. They taught him how to fight. They taught him how to be brave. They taught him the importance of a catchphrase.Gene went into that bunker a scared boy. The Bandit came out ready to fight. And he's got just the soundtrack to play as he does it.

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Nine-Mile Bridge

April 5th, 2018

Inspired by the Missouri urban legend of the same name about a haunted bridge. "Holli has no memory of the accident that killed her new boyfriend. Now she's haunted by strange dreams and people around town seem to treat her different. When rumors of paranormal activity at a decrepit old bridge begin to swirl, Holli sees a connection between those stories and her dreams. But while she questions what is real, a mysterious force has put sinister plans into place. Plans that include her future."

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A Novel Idea

December 31st, 2020

Wesley Main's first book was a hit. But though he achieved literary success, he found himself blacklisted amongst his writer friends who believe he stole the story from a dead friend. Now, two years later, Wesley is struggling with his follow up book, and another author friend has disappeared under strange circumstances. The evidence left behind points to Wesley's involvement and to make matters worse, a mysterious figure threatens to reveal all of Wesley's secrets. Is the writing on the wall true? Has desperation driven him to kill for a new story? Or can Wesley prove his innocence and still make his deadline?

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