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A Conversation With Jason

Excelsior Journeys Podcast APRIL '22

George Sirois has such a fascinating show with amazing guests. I was thrilled to be a guest to talk writing and podcasting!

Back In Time Podcast MARCH '22

Discussing our Top 5 Batman movies!

Pop Goes the Culture Podcast DEC '21

Having some laughs discussing the 80s, podcasting, and my latest book!

The Prolific Creator Podcast OCT '21

My 2nd time speaking with Ryan on his show and twice the fun! He's always engaging and kind with his guests.

Fun group of people with random topics of discussion about writing and anything shiny, haha! Video podcast!

Getting to chat with Roger Colby who has inspired me in both writing and my show!

Hosted by Jay Wilburn who is a real joy to talk with about writing.

The Ladies were kind enough to ask me on their show to discuss writing and my podcast. Video podcast!

Very fun interview with an interesting Q&A format.

A fun show with an engaging host.

My first post-book release podcast interview! Been a long-time fan of Armand and his show. Getting the chance to speak with him was a blast!

The Prolific Creator July '17

My first podcast interview where Ryan and I discuss writing community and my pending first book!

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